Megan (secretdevil1987) wrote in tulsapagans,

like i said, my name is megan and im looking for others in my aria whom i can share my knolage with and learn from please respond. i would greatly appreciate it. if u are not realy from tulsa or are not realy into the craft then i dont want to hear from you. i am looking for only the serious witches.
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Sorry it's kind of slow on this thing. The "owner" and I both just had babies and it's a little time consuming. ^_^ Whats New?
thats so sweet. waht did u name them? do u guys realy live in tulsa? ive had about no luck finding real pagens and wiccans of any sort. u would be suppriesed at the juggalos but no magic foke. well i guess ill talk to u later. good luck with children
Well, Mine is Zander and hers is Duncan ^_^ and yes, we are both really in Tulsa. ^_^ I personally have lived here all of my life. ^_^
me too. i used to live on the west side but now i live on the east. im leaving for dallas in the summer. thats where im going to go to school. i hope we can get to know each other before that.
when is there going to be another rally?